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Göcek Ahead

Göcek Ahead, originally uploaded by voyageAnatolia.Heading Aegean Islands and anchorage bays at Fethiye Gulf.

Yacht Sailing at Fethiye

Yacht Sailing at Fethiye, originally uploaded by yacht at Aegean Mediterranean Sea at Gulf of Fethiye.

Gulet Sailing at Gulf of Fethiye

Full Sail at Fethiye Bay, originally uploaded by yacht charter at the Gulf of Fethiye.

Smiley Face Parachute at Marmaris

Parachute at Marmaris, originally uploaded by with smiley face parachute and powerboat at Marmaris.

Spice Shop at Fethiye Bazaar

Amphoras at Alanya Museum

Amphorae in ancient shipwreck on display in Alanya Museum.

Fortress of Corycus at Med Island

Fortress of Corycus at Med Sunset, originally uploaded by voyageAnatolia.Corycus was an ancient city in Cilicia Trachaea, Anatolia, located at the mouth of the ancient River Calycadnus (River Göksu), Kızkalesi (ancient Ghorgos), Mersin, Turkey. In antiquity Corycus was an important harbor and commercial town. It was the port of Seleucia. Corycus was also a mint in antiquity and some of its coins survive.

Mediterranean Light

Mediterranean Light, originally uploaded by voyageAnatolia.Orange sun at Mediterranean beach.

Angler Fishing at Mediterranean Twilight

Angler Fishing at Mediterranean Twilight, originally uploaded by voyageAnatolia.Angling fisherman at Mediterranean Sea shore early in the morning.

Clouds over Fethiye Mount Babadag

Clouds over Fethiye Mt. Babadag, originally uploaded by voyageAnatolia.Clouds over Fethiye Mount Babadag of 6,460 ft, a base for tandem jumps and paragliding over famous Oludeniz (Dead Sea) and ancient Lykia World.

Full Sail

Mediterranean gulet Lyra sailing all sails set, with every stitch of canvas like in good old days, while I am on chase aboard an avon dinghy with an outboard motor to take this photograph.

Aegean Sunrise

Aegean Sunrise, originally uploaded by voyageAnatolia.Sunrise at anchorage bays and Aegean islands between Marmaris and Fethiye aboard a traditional Mediterranean sail gulet.

Aegean Sunrise

Aegean Sunrise, originally uploaded by voyageAnatolia.Sunrise at Aegean Islands aboard a traditional Mediterranean sail boat Gulet.

Aegean Sailing

Sunrise at Aegean Sea: Corporate sailing days at Gökova Bay between Marmaris and Bodrum, Turkey at Aegean Sea.