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Aegean Sailing Log from Marmaris

SailsMay 30, Saturday evening. We are in Marmaris Marina, meeting on board. Marina is full of sails, boats, goulettes, schooners. I notice one of them: "Bonbon". We watch the sunset among countless masts, strings, riggings, meet the people at the dinner on board, and chat.

We go our cabins and sleep well. "Slaap goed" say Dutch friends. We wake up by the engine sound early in the morning and jumped to the deck to watch while we leave the port.
Skipper shouted: "Set sail !!" like old Aegean and Black Sea sailors did.

We are all on the deck watching the crew weighing anchor. We see many boats and Bonbon is weighing anchor and leaving the Marina too.
Our sail Lyra is a charter gulet with two masts and five sails, a schooner, original fishing boat modified for sailing. We are heading Aglimani (Net Harbour) and Sunken Hamam. The wind is very good for sailing.
Skipper: "Full sail !!" and the crew setting all the five sails with every stitch of canvas moving quickly and skillfully.
Skipper: "Turning!"
And we slightly turn port side and put the sails to the wind, stop the engines, just listening the sound of the wind and the Aegean Sea. We are all at the poop deck, fascinated, wathing, smelling, feeling and listening:
"I am sailing.."
"stormy waters.."
"to be there with you.."
"to be free.."
singing Rod Stewart Sailing on the CD player.
Actually the waters are quite calm. We are heading Göcek, Yassica labyrinth of islands and bays. Casting anchor at a wonderful, deep and calm bay. Jumping into the warm turqouise sea. Sun setting while we swim.
A perfect dinner welcomes us on the deck. Countless stars in perfect dark sky. We watch the milky way. I never knew there were that much stars in the sky. "We did not know the world apparently..." we say.
June 1, Tuesday morning. We watch the sunrise. Although our cabins are perfectly comfortable our friends prefer to sleep on the deck below the stars in their sleeping bags. The anchorage bays we cast overnight are so calm that I forget sometimes that we are on board.
 We feel home... We set the table together for the dinner and take the dishes back. We feel like a large family. There are Australian, Dutch, German, American and Turkish people on board. "My world family" I say. We would not know each other, otherwise.
We weigh anchor after the breakfast, heading Fethiye, cruising in labyrinth straits among misterious islands and misty bays. Brightest colors and blue sky are in March says Uncle, sailor. Lyra is so silent that we feel like sailing.

We are in Fethiye.

"Hey! Look! Bonbon is here too!" Crew chatting in a wonderful Aegean accent.

We stay in Fethiye Marina on board over night. After the breakfast we weigh anchor and leave the marina heading for anchorage bay Aglimani.

"Set sail !!"
Other boats and Bonbon set sail too.

We go for a walk at Ag Limani (Net harbour) following an ancient Roman way to th eruins of a Roman city. Road was bulit using rocks and natural structure of layers, connecting the temple and buildings at the hill to the anchorage harbour. Roman city surprise us after the goats and houses of shepherds on the hill.
 Sun will rise at 5:30 in the morning. I set my alarm clock to take pictures, but wake up before alarm rings. And I see that I am not alone on the deck. Half of the people are on the deck. "Don't confine yourselves with five stars while there are countless in the sky" says Ilhan, sailor. "If you don't sleep on the deck and wake up with sun rise beyond red clouds, sounds of the singing morning nightingales, smell of acacias and flowers in the calm bays..."
We weigh anchor 5:15 in the morning with a perfect sun rise. "Every body up here!" says Douglas surprised.

Today is the last day of our cruise. I feel silence on board. Boat rocks slightly. We listen the waves and scraping boat.

Heading Marmaris Port. A smiling face welcomes us on the way to Marmaris. A parasail.
Everybody on the poop deck. We are in the Marina. Bonbon is here too... It's the time to say goodbye and see you next time...

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