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Watching the Horizons: Aleida's Story

Watching the HorizonsWhen talking about yachting and luxury charter yachts I should tell about Aleida. Her story is a case study for business management schools. What makes her story more interesting to me than those of Paris Hilton and Donald Trump is that she is a retired office worker and mom! Aleida is a German Frau worked and retired in Turkey. She married a Turkish man and grew up her children. Her sons graduated as boat building engineers. She borrowed business loan for start up capital from her brothers in Germany as angel investors. Aleida and her sons started up their yacht charter company Eser Yachting in Marmaris. They built their own luxury charter boat Lyra, a gulet, traditional Aegean schooner with two masts and five sails. Now they manage their own flotilla in Marmaris. Salute Aleida!

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